The touring-by-bike scene is growing in popularity and offers many outstanding rides both at home and abroad

If you’re after something tougher than a sportive but don’t know where to turn, consider audax events. They’re often cheaper than sportives, but what you save in money you’ll probably pay with your legs! In Latin ‘audax’ means ‘bold’ so if you want a real challenge, this is for you.

To take part in an audax, you need to join Audax UK as an individual before deciding which events to enter. If you only intend to do one or two, you can join for a single day at a time. Click here to visit the Audax UK site

A wee word of warning. If you’re new to this sort of thing, you need to know that there are rules about how to ride events; they include the condition of your bike!

Early in the year, there are some audax events local to the Wheelers. Check our Ride Guide 2017 (particularly January) for more details.

Touring rides, such as ‘Lands End-John O Groats’, ‘The Northern Coast to Coast’ (Lake District-Newcastle) and ‘Southern Coast to Coast’ (Plymouth to Ilfracombe) are also very popular now. But there are many others. They’re usually organised by companies because you need accommodation and vehicle support for the journey.

You may also consider riding abroad; there are some great companies throughout Europe. Take a look for yourself at:>