Wheelers ever thought of an Audax ride?

An Audax is different to a sportive, low cost, no signage, no feed stations, no timing, no broom wagon but plenty of fun, a café stop or two, and sometimes hot food and drink at the end, follow the links on the website for more details.

Listed are a few nearby events over the coming months, Uffington could be a good place to start!

There is also a PDF of events a little further away which may interest – Audax Rides near Swindon

Full details of each ride can be found on the Audax UK Website with details of how to enter, yearly membership to Audax UK is currently £19 per annum or you can pay a £2 sub per event you enter to cover temporary membership, more information about membership can be found here

Sun 03 Feb 2019
  08:00 from Ashton Keynes, Cirencester    Windrush Winter Warm Down 150                 BP  [1450m]  £5.00    Peter  Holden
  09:00 from Ashton Keynes, Cirencester    Windrush Winter Warm-up 100                BP  [700m]  £5.00    Peter  Holden
Sat 16 Feb 2019
  07:00 from Cardiff Gate    Malmesbury Mash                BRM [PBP]  [1000m]  £3.00    Ritchie  Tout
Sat 23 Feb 2019
  08:00 from Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, HP21 7QX    Chiltern Grit 200                BRM [PBP]  [1650m]  £10.00    Jocelyn  Chappell
  09:00 from Aylesbury,, HP21 7QX    Chiltern Grit 100                BP  [754m]  £10.00    Jocelyn  Chappell
  07:30 from Aztec West Business Park, BS32 4TD    Efengyl (Gospel) 200                BRM [PBP]  AA2  [2300m]  £6.00    Peter  Rogan
Sat 02 Mar 2019
  7::30 from Chepstow Castle Car park    The Gospel Pass                BP  AA2.25  £6.00    Jennifer  Goslin
  07:30 from Tewkesbury    Mr. Pickwick’s March Madness                BRM [PBP]  AA2  [2600m]  £6.00    Mark  Rigby
  09:00 from Tewkesbury    Bill’s Theocsbury Ramble.                BP  [650m]  £6.00    Mark  Rigby
Sat 09 Mar 2019
 U  200km  
  08:00 from Grazeley, S of Reading    The Kennet Valley Run                BRM [PBP]  [1700m]  £8.75    Titus  Halliwell
 U  100km  
  09:00 from Grazeley, S of Reading    The Kennet Valley 100                BP  [900m]  £8.75    Titus  Halliwell
  07:00 from Whitchuch, Bristol    Wells, Mells & Broader!                BRM [PBP]  AA2.75  [2800m]  £7.50    Will  Pomeroy
  09:00 from Whitchuch, Bristol    Wells, Mells & Old Rail Trail                BP  AA1.5  [1600m]  £6.50    Will  Pomeroy
Sat 16 Mar 2019
  08:00 from Andoversford, Nr Cheltenham    Cheltenham New Flyer                BRM [PBP]  £6.00    Stephen  Poulton
  08:30 from Andoversford, Nr Cheltenham    Cider with Rosie 150                BP  £5.00    Stephen  Poulton
  09:00 from Andoversford, Nr Cheltenham    Character Coln                BP  £5.00    Stephen  Poulton
  06:00 from Bushley, Nr Tewkesbury.    A Rough Diamond                BRM [PBP]  [2500m]  £8.00    Mark  Rigby
  06:00 from Oxford, Peartree Services    The Dean                BRM [PBP]  AA2.25  [3450m]  £6.50    Justin  Jones
Sat 06 Apr 2019
 A  300km  
  05:30 from Bushley, Nr Tewkesbury    Helfa Cymraeg Benjamin Allen ar.                BRM [PBP]  [3500m]  £8.00    Mark  Rigby
  06:00 from Easton, Bristol    Bill’s Easton Connection                BRM [PBP]  AA5  [4950m]  £12.00    Will  Pomeroy
Sun 07 Apr 2019
  07:30 from Long Ashton, Bristol    Barry’s Bristol Ball Buster                BRM [PBP]  [2300m]  £7.00    Marcus  Mumford
  08:30 from Long Ashton, Bristol    Barry’s Bristol Blast                BP  [1640m]  £7.00    Marcus  Mumford
  09:30 from Long Ashton, Bristol    Barry’s Bristol Bash                BP  [1300m]  £7.00    Marcus  Mumford
Sat 20 Apr 2019
  06:00 from Cirencester    Heart of England 300                BRM [PBP]  [2900m]  £7.00    Peter  Holden
  07:00 from Leominster    The Cambrian                BRM [PBP]  AA3.5  [3500m]  £6.00    Daryl  Hayter
  08:00 from Leominster    The Cambrian – Minor                BP  AA2  [2035m]  £6.00    Daryl  Hayter
  09:00 from Leominster    The Cambrian – Welsh Marches                BP  [950m]  £6.00    Daryl  Hayter
Sat 04 May 2019
 A  400km  
  06:00 from Chepstow    Brevet Cymru                BRM [PBP]  AA2.75  [5050m]  £10.00    Mark  Rigby
Sun 05 May 2019
    400km       14:00 from Poole    Porkers 400                BRM [PBP]  AA6  [5900m]  £10.00    Shawn  Shaw
Wed 08 May 2019
    100km       10:00 from Hurst, East of Reading    Dinton 100                BP  [850m]  £3.00    Mike  Hardiman
Sat 11 May 2019
  09:30 from Alveston, N Bristol    South Glos 100                BP  £6.00    Alex  Rendu
  06:30 from Oldland Common, Bristol    Barry’s Jaeger Bomb                BRM [PBP]  [3065m]  £9.00    Marcus  Mumford
Sun 12 May 2019
  10:30 from Uffington, near Wantage    Blowingstone-Boomerang                BP  [450m]  £5.50    Nick  Dunton
  09:30 from Uffington, near Wantage    Blowingstone-White Horse                BP  [1300m]  £6.50    Nick  Dunton

More Info…Be aware this could lead you to some very long rides…

If you’re after something tougher than a sportive but don’t know where to turn, consider Audax events. They’re often cheaper than sportives, but what you save in money you’ll probably pay with your legs! In Latin ‘Audax’ means ‘bold’ so if you want a real challenge, this is for you.

To take part in an Audax, you need to join Audax UK as an individual before deciding which events to enter. If you only intend to do one or two, you can join for a single day at a time. Click here to visit the Audax UK site

A wee word of warning. If you’re new to this sort of thing, you need to know that there are rules about how to ride events; they include the condition of your bike!

Early in the year, there are some Audax events local to the Wheelers. Check our Ride Guide 2018 (particularly January) for more details.