Insurance Information

Please read the information on this page carefully and at the bottom there are links to a Road Safety Information PDF and a Swindon Wheelers Accident Report form which must be filled out after an incident.

Important information: Being a member of Swindon Wheelers does not provide you with any personal insurance against accident/personal liability or damage/ theft of your bicycle or personal belongs

You are strongly advised therefore to consider the following:

1. Personal accident insurance /income protection

This can be expensive but well worth considering especially if you are self-employed or heavily reliant on your income.

Ask yourself: what would happen financially to me (and my family) if I could not work for three months?

2. Third party Liability insurance

This covers you if you are involved in an accident/incident and there is damage to another person or their property.

Cover for this can be obtained by joining either British Cycling or Cycling UK. Both British Cycling and Cycling UK also provide legal assistance in the event of an accident.

There are also insurance companies who sell this type of insurance.

3. Insurance for your bicycle

Depending on your home contents insurance policy your much-loved bicycle(s) may not be covered and will certainly not be covered when you are out/away from the home unless specifically stated.

Therefore, you should take out cycle insurance as bicycle theft is on the increase.

There are numerous policies available, so it is worth shopping around whilst considering your individual situation.

See this recent guide below produced by Road Cycling UK:

To avoid having to make a claim; ensure that your cycle is well secured when at home and never left out of sight when out riding.

Actions to take in the event of an accident whilst out on a ride

  • Assess the situation considering your own safety and that of the casualty
  • If the casualty is in imminent danger where they are, ensuring the safety of others,
    carefully move them to a place of safety
  • Assess the casualty and if the injury is thought to be a serious call for an ambulance
  • If the injury is not thought to be serious clear the highway of all people and bike(s)
  • In cold weather use a foil blanket to keep the casualty warm
  • Record the registration and driver details of any other vehicles involved
  • Collect the names and details of any witnesses
  • If there is damage to person or property caused by the cyclist or a third party contact
    the police
  • If the casualty is conscious and wishes you to, contact their next of kin (NOK)
  • If the casualty is unable to provide that information, check if they are carrying a
    Wheelers NOK card and inform their NOK
  • If the ride leader is unaware of the accident inform them as soon as possible, the
    ride leader will then decide what to do with the rest of the group -whether to
    continue the ride or wait with the casualty

Once the situation has been dealt with an accident report form needs completing by
the club witness/ ride leader and sending to

Remember that members of British Cycling receive 3 rd party insurance and legal support as part of their membership.

Road Safety Factsheet

Accident Form

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