Club kit – what to wear?

It’s a personal choice about what to wear when cycling at different times of the year. So this post is intended only as a guide. We hope you’ll choose kit from our club shop range, but feel free to choose cheaper non-club items online. Where possible, please stick to our club colours for jerseys and gilets.


This time of year is easy – keep it lightweight and comfortable. You’ll find you pay more for the lighter and stronger items. Essentially, you need a short sleeve (SS) jersey and bibshorts, although some prefer shorts without the bibs. You’ll also need fingerless (mitt) gloves and socks; usually 6” or the shorter 4”. Sorted!


Now it gets trickier. Often it’s chilly early on, so you need to add a gilet (sleeveless jersey/vest) on top of your SS jersey and add arm warmers/knee warmers, too. Lycra warmers are great unless you really feel the cold. If so, you’ll need fleecy ones. You can also get extra warmth by adding an undervest/jersey.

When it warms up, you can put the gilet/warmers in your back pocket. But on those days where it’s going to stay chilly for the whole ride, a fleece long-sleeve jersey does the trick. A lightweight rain jacket might also be handy for showers, which can also go in the back pocket if it dries up.

You should also think about intermediate gloves. They’re long-fingered, lightweight and not too thick but keep the hands toasty. Plus, don’t forget your toes. Thin lycra overshoes will save the discomfort.


Now it’s pretty cold, so you’ll need to stay warm. This means you’ll need to add more to your wardrobe! The key areas are your head, hands and feet. So wear a cap/skullcap for under the helmet, thicker gloves (not mitts) and fleece or neoprene overshoes. Go for waterproof overshoes if possible, but bear in mind that not many members choose to venture out when it’s raining.

Your thicker winter jacket also needs to come out now. Usually they’re windproof but some are also waterproof, with two or three layers. Again, you have options. You may just want to buy your own winter jacket and have a club gilet on top for extra protection. Why not show the club colours in winter!

To protect the legs, wear bibtights. These can include padding if you choose not to wear summer bibshorts underneath them. Bibtights are thin or fleecy or neoprene (water repellent) depending on your preference. Some people only wear tights (bottoms) for this time of year. Finally, think about a neck warmer for the really cold days.

We hope this post helps anyone who’s unsure about the clothing throughout the year. There’s a lot to choose from, so make sure you get what you need to be safe, comfortable and happy on the road.


Please click here to open a useful list of key items that will make it easier when logged in to the club shop.


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